Area Search

Lost person training.

In missing person search or area search the dog not only must find the missing person but also indicate to the handler that he has found a person. This can be done by barking or jumping up against the handler. A much used method in Europe is the bringsel method. A bringsel is a leather tube that the dog wears on his collar. When the dog has found somebody he takes the bringsel in his mouth and goes back to the handler. The handler takes the bringsel and asks the dog "show me". Now the dog does a refind indicating the person to the handler. A Norwegian bringsel is somewhat different, the advantage is that the dog cannot drop it so easily if he opens his mouth.
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Finding a lost person.

Picking up the bringsel.

Returning to the handler with bringsel.

Kazan shows his bringsel.

Nosy shows her Norwegian bringsel.

Close Up of a Norwegian bringsel.

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